Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart and may you have many more! This photograph of an ice flower in honor of you and the beautiful things you do for me and others.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I can't believe I forgot to write about my favorite season, after all I was so thrilled about Winter's end, I wrote tributes to Spring over two days.

Anyway, most of my friends think I am crazy because I love the heat of summer. I love the warmth I feel as the sun hits my body when I am working in the yard, walking or just sitting outside reading. On any given day, you'll find me trying to get out in the sun to enjoy it whenever I can. At work, it's staying outside until I have to go in, going outside at lunch and then enjoying the evenings. On weekends, it's every minute that I can!

So Happy Summer!! Enjoy it while it is here!! Sit outside and read and enjoy some Green Tea.

One of my favorite photography aspects of summer are the bees. I love to watch and photograph them as they buzz around my yard. This picture is of a Bumblebee on an Arizona Blanket Flower. I used my Pentax 100mm Macro lens to take this image.