Monday, August 15, 2022

Some Thoughts and Updates-

(C) 2022, Allen Pearson Photography
(C) 2022, Allen Pearson Photography

Due to some technical issues and new expenses related to using this platform to write and share my photography, I will be closing this site. Google has decided to charge everyone using their products for business monthly fees. Frankly, the products haven't brought me any business advantages nor has it allowed the creativity I would like for me to continue using them. Also, I believe that I should be diligent, not wasteful, about how I spend the money God has provided to me.

Those who know me, know I have some physical challenges. As I wrestled with these challenges throughout my life, God has blessed me immeasurably. I have been on an amazing journey that has been nothing short of incredible. With that in mind, I have started writing posts at Isaiah Jacobs to help others living with chronic health issues. Please join me in this endeavor by signing up to receive our posts by email. Please know, that I will not share your email addresses with anyone. 

If you are interested in my photography work, I will be maintaining my webpage at Allen Pearson Photography. Also, you can follow me on Facebook/AllenPearsonPhotography, Instagram/Allen Pearson Photography and Flickr - Allen Pearson Photos

At this point, Noah, Samson, Abby, and I will continue to write from The Dogs Paw. We will share humorous stories about dogs and a cat living with their humans. Please follow me at that site too. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2022